If you are on this page, this means you have an interest in things subterranean or you are a "subway nerd" like me (there is nothing wrong with that!) and your need to satisfy your buried curiosity lead you to my "Underground Manhattan" tour.  So thank you for your interest in this tour.  This tour only explores the areas of the system that are open to the public but in most cases overlooked.  We do not go into the tunnels or any area that is not open to the public.  The Metropolitan Transit Authority, The City of New York and their vast legal teams would frown upon the idea of people, on a tour, getting arrested, injured or killed.  Here are the logistics and schedule for the tour.


This tour generally runs on Sundays as that is the day the system is at it's least busy. Again generally the tour starts at 12:00PM.  We will meet  in the area in between the front of the Alexander Hamilton Customs House / The Museum of the American Indian and Bowling Green Park.  I will obviously be there before noon and  I will have my New York City Sightseeing Guide License plainly visible. 

The tour is approximately 2 and 1/2 hours. The reason I say “approximately” is there are factors such as the whims of the subway system that I have no control of.  And since I encourage it, questions I receive can take up time.  This is a tour for you, not me so if you have any questions, do not be shy – ask.  Other factors include the speed at which the group moves, latecomers, etc.  These are things that I have no control over but I will try to keep the tour within the 2 and 1/2 hour window. 

We will enter the system at Bowling Green then proceed uptown.  We will stop at Brooklyn Bridge and then board a downtown local train so as to view the old City Hall Station.  We will be stopping at Astor Place and Grand Central station.  We will switch to the Times Square  - Grand Central Shuttle and then go over to Times Square. After that we will go over back over to Grand Central Terminal.  We will exit the system at this point.  We will also go outside to discuss the exterior of the Terminal.  This is also the final stop on this tour. 

Get a look at the subway that few people, even lifelong New Yorkers, fail to recognize. This tour only explores the areas of the system that are open to the public but in most cases overlooked.  I will give you the secret history and inside story of the creation of the original 1904 subway line and how it grew into the most extensive transportation system in the world. All the art, all the history, all the technical breakthroughs, all the "whys" and all the shenanigans that went into this spectacular achievement. A unique experience for seasoned locals or visitors to our fair city.